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Left Turns vs. Right Turns: What's the Big Deal?

Last updated 6 years ago

Drivers must always understand where traffic is coming from in order to stay safe on the road. In the case of left- and right-hand turns, drivers face unique challenges and must focus their attention in different directions. Here is a brief overview of the left-hand turn and the right-hand turn, all of which you will learn in detail at driving school.

Right-Hand Turn: When you prepare to make a right-hand turn, you will be paying attention to one direction of traffic for the most part. The cars that pass from your right to your left are inconsequential while the cars passing from your left to your right are the ones you’ll need to monitor closely. Turn your head left to assess oncoming traffic and quickly ensure that no pedestrians or bikers are heading your way from either side. Once everything is clear, you may proceed to turn right.

Left Hand Turn: On the other hand, a left-hand turn is a bit more complex and dangerous. When you prepare to make a left-hand turn, you will need to thoroughly check all directions of traffic. Look left to see if any cars are within distance, and once clear, turn your head right. If you are at a four-way intersection, you will also have to check oncoming traffic and wait until all three directions are clear. Left-hand turns require patience, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a left-hand turn signal. If cars are stopped on your left and right and you have a green, inch your car out into the intersection and make a left turn once oncoming traffic has passed.

In addition to mastering the art of the left-hand and right-hand turn, Top Driver Driving School will teach you every necessary safety measure to take on the road. To find more information about our quality driving lessons, call us today at (888) 471-5418.


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