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Driving: A Right or a Privilege?

Last updated 6 years ago

It is often debated whether driving should be considered a right or a privilege. To answer this question, Illinois drivers should look no further than the 2012 Illinois Rules of the Road handbook, in which driving is referred to as a privilege in many contexts. Once you successfully complete driving lessons and pass your road test, you’ll be afforded the privilege of driving. Retain this privilege by not committing any of the following offenses.

Illegal Consumption: According to the 2012 Illinois Rules of the Road handbook, any driver under the legal drinking age of 21 that is the recipient of court supervision for consumption, possession, purchase, or receipt of alcohol is subject to lose their license for three months. In the case of a conviction, you face at minimum six months. Thus, without respecting the safety of others on the road, you risk losing the privilege to drive.

DUI: In the state of Illinois, DUI’s are considered violent crimes and convictions remain permanently on your record. For your first DUI, you will face losing your license for an entire year. A second conviction within the span of two decades will cost you your license for five years. After three convictions, you will lose your license for a decade, and a fourth conviction will cause permanent forfeiture of your driving privileges.

Insurance Violations: Insurance violations are another noteworthy way to get your license suspended in the state of Illinois. Any person convicted of mandatory insurance violations in Illinois is bound to lose their privilege to drive for a minimum of three months. Therefore, just as privileges are granted, they are susceptible to revocation for poor behavior such as this.

If you’re a new driver in Illinois, be sure to stay safe on the road and never jeopardize your privileges behind the wheel. Stay safe on the road by attending driving school at Top Driver Training School. To find out more information, give us a call today at (888) 471-5418. 


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