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A Look at Some of the Best Safety Technologies Coming in Modern Vehicles

Last updated 6 years ago

Staying safe while driving requires complete focus. Even deciding to check one’s phone can result in a momentary distraction, potentially leading to an accident on the road. Fortunately, there have been significant advances in the field of automotive safety. Cars today incorporate more safety features than ever before. While focusing on the road is still critical while driving, the various safety features can help keep you safe if things should go wrong. Here is a look at two key safety technologies that you can find in some modern vehicles.

  • Backup Cameras

One of the common mistakes made by new drivers is failing to check the rear-view mirror when they back up. This can result in a variety of collisions. However, many cars now include backup cameras that allow drivers to get a wide view of the space behind their vehicles. In addition to helping to avoid collisions with other vehicles, the backup camera can also help drivers avoid running into objects. 

  • Electronic Stability Control

Driving in treacherous conditions requires a much higher degree of caution. When driving in rainy conditions, for example, it is much easier to lose control of your vehicle. Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, is a great safety feature that can help prevent a driver from losing control of his or her vehicle. ESC helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle by automatically adjusting braking and throttle to keep the vehicle on track. For example, if the ESC system detects a discrepancy between the driver’s steering and the direction of the vehicle, it may make the necessary adjustments to help maintain control of the vehicle.

The safety features listed above are just a small preview of the many new technologies being incorporated into modern automobiles. With sophisticated safety features like ESC, blind spot warning systems, and collision warning systems, drivers are safer than ever before. Learning good driving habits, however, is still critically important. To sign up for a driver training class or learn more about our driving school, call Top Driver at (888) 471-5418. We are the nation’s largest driving school and have convenient locations throughout Chicagoland. 


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